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CBS’ ‘Late Show’ choice isn’t funny to Rush
PITTSBURGH--Every father should tell his children the hard-won lessons he has learned about life. For example, never get into an argument with a clown. He will just get out of his tiny car, slap his outsized shoes on the sidewalk and honk his silly red nose. It is hard for a normal person to remain dignified in such a confrontation....

GOP seems likely to move on without him
WASHINGTON--Is Jeb Bush's moment over? Not in his mind. The former governor of Florida says he's considering a campaign to become his family's third president, even though he dreads "getting back into the vortex of the mud fight."...

In an age of selfies, we need more ‘unselfies’
ATLANTA--Remember the "Unselfie." Before leaving for his ninth combat deployment since 9/11, Master Sgt. Robert Horrigan, who had been planning to retire from the U.S. Army, told his commanding officer that "if you're going, I'm going with you."...

Children deserve chance at the American Dream
Children deserve chance at the American Dream This is regarding the April 11 article titled "Kaine hears from women in business."...

Friend of the Rapp
THE RAPPAHANNOCK River's No. 1 friend is stepping down. John Tippett has been executive director of Friends of the Rappahannock for most of his adult life. Since he took over in 1995, the grass-roots organization has fought tirelessly to preserve the water quality and beauty of the waterway that runs from the Blue Ridge to the Chesapeake Bay, through some of Virginia's most beautiful land. At 46, he is stepping down to deal with the effects of neurologic Lyme disease. He was diagnosed as having it in 2005. Over the past 19 years, Tippett has played a major role in changes that have redefined the river that is the primary reason Fredericksburg exists....

With or without guns, there will be blood
With or without guns, there will be blood I would like to offer a comment on last Sunday's commentary by Rob Huffman ["Where does the bloodthirstiness end?"]....

Wittman is no friend   to federal employees
Wittman is no friend to federal employees It seems like just yesterday (actually it was the last election) when Rep. Rob Wittman told his constituents, what a great friend he is to federal employees....

Pension stripping puts seniors in jeopardy
May is Older Americans Month, with the message of "save today, healthy tomorrow." One of the most important things retirees must do to ensure their financial safety today is to protect their hard-earned pensions from being stripped away....

Schools waking up to the idea of later start times for teens / Thu, 24 Apr 2014 00:04:00 -0400
Parents of teenage children - past and present - know the battle to get them up and out to school each morning. The shouts. The begging. The dousing of startled faces with water.

Letter to the Editor: School Board needs to make budget public
Last week the Board of Supervisors met to hear public comment on the budget. Very unfortunately the Shenandoah County School Board has submitted a budget but no one really knows what is in this budget as they will not make their budget available for public scrutiny.

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